Voter Data Group Questions Trump Fraud Panel

The request from President Donald Trump’s voter fraud commission for sensitive data continues to draw backlash, most recently from a bipartisan organization that already does much of the same work, NBC News reported.

“There’s no readon to re-invent the wheel when we’re already here… and we do it very well,” said Shane Hamlin, executive director of the Election Registration Information Center, also known as ERIC.

The non-profit ERIC is made of 20 states, as well as the District of Columbia, that shares large amounts of sensitive voter data to root out possible fraud, ensure more accurate voter rolls and encourage registration.

Trump formed the Presidential Commission on Election Integrity in May through executive order to study “vulnerabilities” in the election system. It asked for publicly available data, as well what some state officials consider confidential and personal information, including partial Social Security numbers, felony convictions and military status.

Trump Alleges Widespread Voter Fraud Amidst Recount Effort

[NATL] Trump Alleges Widespread Voter Fraud Amidst Green Party Recount Effort

Published at 12:59 AM EDT on Jul 17, 2017


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